How To Deposit Into GM Vaults

Step-By-Step Guide on depositing into Umami's GLP Vaults

Step 1. Connect your wallet

You'll need to connect your crypto wallet to start using the Vaults.

-> Head over to and click on Connect Wallet in the top right of the screen.

-> Select your wallet.

-> Approve the connection.

Connection complete!

Step 2. Select the asset you wish to deposit

Let's deposit $USDC into a GM USDC Vault.

-> Click on GM USDC Vault card on the list.

-> Choose which market you wish to provide liquidity in (ETH backed markets are providing liquidity in 4 different GM pools: XRP, DOGE, LTC, and ETH, while the BTC backed market is providing liquidity in the BTC GM pool).

Step 3. Deposit your assets

-> Approve the tokens.

-> Preview your deposit.

-> Click on Deposit.

That's it. You've succesfully deposited into a GM USDC Vault.

(Optional) Step 4. Stake your deposit to earn emissions

If there are $ARB or any other emissions available, a Stake All button will appear above your balance, and you'll have to stake your deposit to earn those.

-> Click on Stake All button.

-> Approve the tokens.

-> Click on Staketo start earning emissions.

-> As soon as you earn some rewards, you can claim them by clicking on Claim rewards

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