Welcome to Umami

Website: umami.finance | Twitter: @UmamiFinance | Discord: discord.gg/bonsaidao

Umami is a Bonsai SubDAO, pioneering the DeFi space by offering top-tier, non-custodial yield products called vaults, for core cryptocurrencies like $USDC, $BTC, and $ETH. We aim to construct professional-grade DeFi products that cater to both retail and institutional capital, with an emphasis on crypto-native funds. Focused on becoming a liquidity hub on Arbitrum, we simplify the user experience in yield farming, automating processes like hedging and managing liquidity pools and focusing on a permissionless, decentralized experience that requires minimal intervention - simply deposit and earn. Our aim is to drive widespread DeFi adoption by making advanced financial strategies accessible to all and to establish a one-stop platform for seamless crypto asset management.

Built on Arbitrum, Ethereum's foremost Layer 2 scaling chain, the Umami protocol a wholly owned SubDAO of Bonsai with all revenue flowing to the Bonsai Treasury. Learn more about Bonsai below at our new Website and with our docs


GM Vaults

Built on the upgraded GMX v2 platform, GM Vaults enable users to deposit single tokens like $BTC, $ETH, $USDC and $ARB, while eliminating impermanent loss through automated hedging that we call internal netting. These vaults utilize the GM Index (GMI) to manage deposits and generate yield from four distinct synthetic pools on GMX V2, ensuring a stable and lucrative environment for depositors. Read more -> GM Vaults.


Our primary aim is to make yield farming more accessible and efficient, enabling users, especially crypto funds, to easily earn high and stable yields from a variety of protocols on the Arbitrum network. By simplifying the yield-earning process and offering consistent returns, we're broadening the appeal of DeFi, inviting a more diverse audience including institutional investors, and reducing complexity that often acts as a barrier to entry.

Protocol Interconnectivity We plan to address the challenge of liquidity fragmentation by implementing solutions that enable smoother asset transfers between different protocols on Arbitrum. This future interconnectivity is aimed at optimizing liquidity utilization and enhancing the overall efficiency of the DeFi ecosystem on the network. This will benefit the users and the protocols.

Core Values

Integrity Umami upholds the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and ethics. We stand steadfast in our commitment to the foundational values of DeFi.

Advocacy As a passionate advocate for its own products and for DeFi at large, Umami proactively reaches out beyond the confines of the "crypto-native" community, engaging stakeholders from all walks of life.

Principled Pragmatism Umami is open to adopting best practices from outside the realm of DeFi, as long as they align with and advance our mission. We never waver in upholding our core values.


Participating in Umami holds no promise of financial gain. Please only participate in Umami's protocol to the extent allowed by your jurisdiction. Umami does not guarantee any compensation for any of our users in the event of exploits, hacks, and other unforeseeable negative events.

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