Asset Buffer & Withdraws

Understand GM Vaults Withdrawal Process

Asset Buffer Umami's GM Vaults are designed to limit the impact of price changes in the non-deposit assets that are part of GMI. The vaults manage Delta by automatically reducing extra exposure through hedging. Regular rebalancing to effectively hedge plays a critical role in this process. Given that rebalancing can be complex and relatively costly, the strategy employs an Asset Buffer to bypass constant rebalancing. This entails reserving a small portion of the deposited assets, not using them to mint GM tokens but instead setting them aside. Withdraws Please note that currently, the vaults do not automatically rebalance when this buffer is used up. So, if you want to withdraw a large amount of assets (more than the buffer amount), you'll have to wait for a rebalance to refill the buffer. We will be implementing a withdrawal queue where users can request their withdraw to be available on the next rebalance to better optimize this experience. Note: GMX has circuit breakers on their GM markets that prevent withdraws while open interest has exceeded TVL, The Vaults source their yield from the GMI which is an index of GM markets and currently the index works as a single unit, meaning if one pool has tripped a circuit breaker the full Vault is unable to rebalance. This will soon be a non-issue with an upcoming upgrade to the Vaults. Alternative Liquidity Options Your deposit will be represented by an ERC-4626 token, enabling composability with various external DeFi protocols. This gives you alternative ways to access liquidity without needing to use the standard withdrawal function on Umami's user interface. For example, you can participate in Uniswap LPs if the community creates one or soon leverage your position through borrowing or looping on money market protocols.

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