Across Bridge Integration

Seamless bridging and high-yield deposits with 95% fee rebates

We are excited to announce our integration with Across Bridge and Across+, enabling seamless asset transfers to Arbitrum and direct deposits into Umami Finance GM Vaults. This integration brings numerous benefits, including a substantial 95% fee rebate for users.

What is Across?

Across is an advanced interoperability protocol that facilitates fast and cost-effective cross-chain asset transfers without compromising security. It uses an intents-based architecture where third-party relayers quickly fulfill user requests, making the process seamless and efficient.

What is Across+?

Across+ extends the core bridging capabilities of Across by allowing users to bridge assets and perform additional actions within a single transaction. This feature simplifies user onboarding and helps defragment liquidity across chains, making it easier for users to manage their funds.

Benefits of the Integration

  • Direct Deposits from All EVM Chains: Users can now bridge assets to Arbitrum from multiple chains and deposit them directly into our GM Vaults.

  • 95% Fee Rebate: Users will receive a 95% rebate on bridge fees, thanks to Across's allocation of 1,000,000 ARB tokens from the LTIP campaign. This rebate covers the Across LP fee and the destination chain gas fee.

  • Streamlined User Experience: Across+ bundles bridging and protocol actions into a single transaction, making cross-chain transactions more user-friendly and efficient.

About the LTIP Campaign

Across was awarded 1,000,000 ARB tokens for the LTIP campaign, to be distributed as gas rebates to users bridging to Arbitrum. This includes a 95% rebate on the bridge fee, covering both the Across LP fee and the destination chain gas fee. This rebate program extends to all Across+ transactions, promoting efficient and cost-effective bridging. The users need to claim their rebate here ->

This program will end when the LTIP campaign concludes, so we encourage users to take advantage of this opportunity and maximize their yields with Umami Finance and Across.

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