Vault Tokens & Contract Addresses

Repository of Contract for Umami's GM Vaults

Deposits in Umami's GM Vaults are represented by tokens implemented using the ERC-4626 standard for each respective vault. If the respective Vault generates a profit, PPS (Price Per Share) of your token will increase in relation to the underlying token of your Vault. Each individual Vault is represented by specific tokens.

Vault Tokens

$gmUSDC (ETH Backed) -> 0x959f3807f0Aa7921E18c78B00B2819ba91E52FeF $gmUSDC (BTC Backed) -> 0x5f851F67D24419982EcD7b7765deFD64fBb50a97 $gmWETH -> 0x4bCA8D73561aaEee2D3a584b9F4665310de1dD69 $gmWBTC -> 0xcd8011AaB161A75058eAb24e0965BAb0b918aF29


AggregateVault: 0x0Ca62954b46AfEe430D645dA493C6C783448C4eD Emitter: 0x763a5cAFb5d7252642349A64a172f7388173d3e3 StorageViewer: 0xAF037670ed7B2ca464c61BBfC07365747038250f RequestHandler: 0x33a4484d5E1754210bBFBe05d3F51cDD33cC1E91

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