How To Bridge ERC-20 Tokens to Arbitrum

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Bridge ERC-20 Tokens from other networks to Arbitrum

This brief guide is intended for those who have assets lying idle on other networks and wish to capitalize on the market-leading yields offered in our vaults. Before you can make a deposit, follow the steps below to bridge your assets to Arbitrum:

  1. Visit the official Arbitrum Bridge at:

  2. Connect your Metamask or any other Web3 Wallet.

  3. Make sure that you are connected to the network you want to transfer from, in our case that's Ethereum Network - Mainnet.

  4. Select the token you want to bridge.

  5. Enter the desired amount to bridge.

  6. Click on the "Move funds to Arbitrum One" button.

  7. Your funds will be available on the Arbitrum network in just a few minutes.

  8. Once your funds are on Arbitrum, head over to and deposit your tokens into your desired vault.

If you require assistance with depositing your funds, refer to -> How To Deposit Into GM Vaults

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