GM Vaults FAQ

All About Umami's GM Vaults

  1. How do GM Vaults generate their Yield? Our GM Vaults are built stop GMX v2 isolated perpetual markets, we combine 4 different GM pools into what we call the "GMI" (GM Index) to source their yield from traders fees. GM Vaults utilize Umami's proprietary internal hedging model to hedge out unwanted delta and give users direct exposure to their desired single sided deposit token.

  2. What are the deposit options? ETH, wBTC, USDC.

  3. What is the GMI? The GMI is an index of 4 GM pools that Umami's GM Vaults source their yield from; ETH-USDC DOGE-USDC XRP-USDC LTC-USDC The advantages of using an index over a single pair is allowing the vaults to have more protection from trader PnL as well as open exposure skew in any one pair through diversification.

  4. How will STIP $ARB incentives be paid out? The vault depositors simply have to stake their vault tokens in the position window and begin earning $ARB.

  5. What are the Vault fees? GM Vaults utilize a 2/20 Structure, 2% AUM over the course of 1 year and 20% of yield generated. is taken as a fee.

  6. How is APR on the front end calculated?

    The APR displayed on the front end is based on GMX fees, following the standard methodology used by all GMX products, with slight adjustments for fees.

  7. Where can we find the stats on the GM Vaults? Umami hosts a native stats page here:

  8. Are GM Vaults audited? Yes. Umami's GM Vaults have been audited by Gaurdian.

  9. Is APR shown on the UI after the fees or before the fees? After fees.

  10. Are more assets coming? Yes we plan to expand our deposit assets offering to ARB/BTC/BNB/SOL/LINK and more as GMX adds more tokens to its own markets.

  11. I just deposited why is my balance lower then my deposit amount? GM Tokens have a small mint fee attached to them along with the possibility of PnL effect, but these are both normally temporary, and your position should increase in value over time.

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